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Explore a Kitchen Showroom in Columbus, OH

The best way to choose the new kitchen of your dreams is to invest in a trip to a kitchen showroom in Columbus, Ohio. When you do, you can explore a wide range of amenities... Read More »


Comparing Water Heaters for Sale in Columbus, OH

Your water heater is one component of your home that most people do not think much about until it stops working. Replacing one can be a struggle... Read More »


Finding a Plumbing Supply Store

These days most super-sized retail stores carry plumbing supplies. However, it is always best to purchase plumbing supplies from a store that specializes in plumbing fixtures and fittings... Read More


Browse our Showroom for All Types of Kitchen Sinks

When looking for a kitchen sink, there are plenty of options to choose from. For home and businesses owners, the possibilities are endless... Read More »


What Professionals Need in Plumbing Supply Stores

Contractors, plumbers, expert handymen, and home remodelers like you need access to the best products for all aspects of bathroom repair and renovation. Professional business like yours use plumbing supply stores in Columbus, Ohio, and you base your decision off a collection of important factors... Read More »


Reduce Your Customers' Mold and Mildew Problems

Most customers understand that mold and mildew are unsightly in their property. Most even understand the potentially devastating effects on the health that they pose. Most homeowners, however, don’t understand that these problems can be caused by a faulty HVAC system... Read More »


Are You Helping Your Customers Go Green?

Every home in today’s society has a number of energy consuming luxuries. We humans have become accustomed to our hot water, flush toilets, refrigerators, air conditioning and many more modern comforts. Hot water is a huge energy consuming technology and there are several ways that you, as a mechanical contractor, can help your customers reduce energy consumption while still getting all the hot water they require. When they ask you for advice, you can help them make money saving changes, especially knowing you have access to Carr Supply’s stock of wholesale water heaters in Columbus OH... Read More »


How to Help Your Customers Know When They Need to Replace Their Water Heater

As a contractor, when you visit your customers regularly and maintain their system you will be able to make them aware about the lifespan of their hot water tank and warm them when it may be necessary to upgrade. With your access to professional water heater suppliers in Columbus OH, you can offer a replacement which you may be able to exchange the same day to keep their system running efficiently... Read More »


Save Your Customers Money with HVAC Upgrades

Each one of your customers would prefer to save money when heating their home in the winter and to cool it in the summer. Our supply of wholesale HVAC in Columbus OH can provide you with all the parts you require at the best prices to help your customers improve their HVAC system to lower their utility bills... Read More »