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Carr Supply History

Charlie E. Carr, Founder of Carr Supply in Columbus, OHC.E. Carr & Co was founded by in 1917 by Charlie E. Carr in a small shop on 222 Third Street Columbus, Ohio. Originally a manufacturer and distributor of sheet metal, farm equipment, and hardware, Carr sold a wide range of products from hog troughs to blow torches. In the early 20’s Carr came up with innovative, new designs for animal feeders, fountains, and a variety of other products and began selling them in the Columbus area. Carr would soon expand its sales territory to all of Ohio and Indiana through 1920’s and 30’s. By 1935, Carr had moved operations to a four-story building on 53 E. Naghten Street. The Naghten building, a former livery, was transformed into a plant. The building housed 18 employees engaging in the manufacture and distribution of farm supply and plumbing products to over 350 dealers in Central Ohio alone.  Today 53 E Naghten, known as the “Carr Building”, functions  as a boutique hotel, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

During the 1970’s the number of livestock ranches and farms across Ohio began to diminish. Carr, under its third generation of family leadership, began to see greater opportunity in distribution. Carr Supply Inc. 
soon established its first outside branch in Athens Ohio  in 1979, and moved its distribution center to 280 Fletcher Street in modern Columbus’s Arena District the following year. Through the end of the 20th century, Carr continued to expand as an HVAC, Plumbing, and Water Service products distributor throughout the state of Ohio. In 1996 Carr built its current 120,000 square foot corporate headquarters and distribution facility located at 1415 Old Leonard Avenue just east of downtown Columbus.

Carr Supply has expanded to a team of 220 employees, servicing 20 Locations across Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. The descendants of Charlie Carr continue to operate the business he opened a century ago on 3rd Street in Columbus Ohio.

Carr Supply original building